Everyone has a dream. But so many in our community have lost that ability to dream. Some dream simply to feed their children today. Some dream that their children will complete their education. Others dream that they will one day be free of addiction. Others simply dream to live through the cold night under a bridge. For those trying to dream again, Dream Center ICT is here.

This is what Dream Center ICT is all about. We engage the culture of Wichita by stepping into the needs of our community. Thousands are struggling due to poverty, drug addiction, neglect, and abuse. Many cannot find their way up until someone offers them a hand up. Armed with the power of hope that God can rescue anyone at any time, our army of compassion is reaching out to our city bringing the message that yes, you can dream again!

Dream Center ICT is a 501(c)(3) faith-based, social service organization that is committed to meeting the needs of at-risk children, families, and individuals who need compassionate care and attention. We offer both physical and spiritual resources as powerful tools to give those who are struggling a much-needed hand up. We provide food, clothing, educational opportunities, student internships, street ministry to the homeless, bus ministry, USD 259 school partnerships, and short-term missions for youth groups.

We accomplish these goals through strategic partnerships with many churches, social service organizations, and other non-profit organizations.

Dream Center ICT provides support, guidance, and resources to the following local organizations.

Dream Center ICT is an official affiliate of The Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA. For more than 20 years the Dream Center has been “helping people dream again.” Dream Center ICT functions in full partnership with The Dream Center vision.